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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 8:45 pm

Making Video: Temper Hindi Remake Simbha

Making Video: Temper Hindi Remake Simbha

Making Video of Ranveer Singh-starrer 'Simbha', Hindi remake of 'Temper', released on the eve of Independence Day packs a punch. The 'Padmavati' Star looks so believable as a corrupt police office, Sangram Balerav. He is too good in the action sequence picturized in the police station set up.

'Simbha' is based on the storyline: 'If You Don't Fight Crime Against Women, The Next Victim Could Be From Your Family'.

Saif Ali Khan's Daughter Sara Ali Khan plays female lead in 'Simbha'. It's a big platform for her to exhibit her talent as Trade expects this movie to be a Ranveer Singh's highest grosser.

Rohit Shetty who delivered only blockbusters until a disaster like 'Dilwale' is helming 'Simbha'. He is co-producing the flick along with Karan Johar. Reliance Entertainment presents this action entertainer with a social message

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