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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 7:50 am

Malaika Is A Fan Of Andhra Food

Malaika Is A Fan Of Andhra Food
Do you know what Malaika Arora Khan won't miss whenever she visits Bengaluru? It's a Restaurant-chain in the IT Capital which is famous for Andhra Biryanis and Platters.

South Indian Meal served on a banana leaf is the speciality of this particular eatery. Though she is a fitness freak and very particular about her diet, Malaika couldn't resist herself whenever she gets the opportunity to have delicious Andhra Food. She won't mind putting on few pounds to satisfy her taste buds once in a  while.   

While sharing a picture in which she was found eating Andhra delicacies, Malaika wrote: 'When in Bengaluru u just gotta stop n eat at #nagarjuna...divine food'.

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