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Manasuku Nachindi Movie Review

Casting: Sundeep Kishan, Amyra Dastur,Tridha Chowdhary..
Producer: Sanjay Swarup
Director: Manjula Ghattamaneni
Music: Radhan
Rating: 2.5/5


Suraj (Sundeep Kishan) and Nitya (Amyra Dastur) who grow up together give shock to their parents by running away to Goa on the day of their marriage as they feel they are just friends and do not love each other.

Suraj pursue various interests and finally tries his luck as a photographer to earn money, name and fame, while Nitya is a nature lover and feels speaking to nature will automatically guide to destiny and happiness is more important than money and one should do anything with love.

Suraj gets attracted to Nikitha (Tridha Chowdhary) while Nitya gets attracted to Abhay (Adith Arun). As time passes Nitya realizes that she is in love with Suraj but Suraj falls for Nikitha. Suraj and Nikitha inform their elders that they are in love with Nikitha and Abhay and decide to get married. To find out the twists and turns of this triangular love story, enjoy Manasuku Nachindi on silver screen.


Sundeep Kishan is OK with his looks and he worked hard to get the right kind of expressions and emotions. He performed well within his limits but should have worked on his expressions and emotions to get even better results.

Amyra Dastur on debut impressed all with her realistic and natural killer expressions. She even stunned all with her lip locks. At times however viewers couldn't connect to her due to lip sync problems during dialogue delivery.

Tridha Chowdhary attracted with her bikini blast and she got limited role to perform. Priyadarshi is fine but viewers will be disappointed as he got limited comic touch in his role which is quite serious.

Adith looked impressive while others like Nassar,Geetha performed their roles accordingly.

Plus Points:

Sundeep Kishan
Amyra Dastur's expressions
Tridha Chowdhary's bikini blast

Minus Points:

Routine love story
Slow pace
Many drags
Screenplay, Direction

Technical Aspects:

As said earlier, production values of the film are top class. Special mention should go to the cameraman Ravi Yadav who makes things lively with his breezy visuals. The color palette he uses and the manner in which he showcases Goa is quite good. Dialogues are decent and the production design is very good. Editing is just about okay as the first half could have been trimmed by 10 minutes easily.

Coming to the director Manjula, her idea of connecting the lead pair through the mother nature and listening to one’s heart is good but her execution could have been better. The way she starts the story and brings in the twist is very ordinary. There was a good scope of good drama and romance but they have not been incorporated well. She manages things well in the second half but by the time it is too late.


On the whole, Manasuku Nachhindi is a routine romantic drama which you might have seen many times in the past. Rich visuals and some love failure moments in the second half are basic assets. On the flip side, lack of strong connection between the lead pair and average screenplay make things difficult most of the time. All those who like love stories can give this film a shot but the regular audience need to look for other options this weekend.

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