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Mani Sir film: Chiru Guidance, Cherry Silence

Mani Sir film: Chiru Guidance, Cherry Silence
We all know that Mani Ratnam is a legendary director but his latest film 'Cheliyaa' has severely dented his image. Ram Charan was actually planning his next film with Mani Ratnam after the completion of his ongoing film with Sukumar.  Charan himself revealed about Mani sir project during the promotions of 'Dhruva'.  But the situation has completely changed after the release of Mani Ratnam directorial 'Cheliyaa'.

Chiranjeevi said to have told Cherry recently that this is not right time to team up with Mani Ratnam. He has guided him with his vast experience that if a hero has three four commercial successes, then he can try an off beat film for a change.. but when he himself is struggling for hits, he should be careful with the selection of his films.  Cherry said to have taken Chiru advice seriously and dropped the thought of doing Mani sir film now.  

Even most of the mega fans feel the same way because Mani Ratnam films are continuously becoming duds at the box office. Even though 'OK Bangaram' was a success, it was not made with stars.  In such a situation, it is not wise to team up with Mani sir right now.  But there is no official confirmation on this.. because Cherry is maintaining silence on Mani sir film.  

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