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Marriage with Namitha? Sarath Babu opens up!

Marriage with Namitha? Sarath Babu opens up!
Namitha and Sarath Babu who are in a live-in relationship decided to marry. This is the gossip in circulation on Friday.

When a Telugu Media House contacted the veteran Actor to seek his clarification on the wild speculation, Sarath Babu brushed it aside a gossip and assured he will inform media if there is anything like that. 'Raavan abducting Seetha isn't a big topic at all, why because people have clarity over his characterization. If Rama abducts Soorpanaka, It will be a hot topic as he have a clean image. There will be good craze if stories were written based on those with clean image. That's what happened here. I am not angry on the person who created this rumor. If its a Male Journalist, I would be happy if this news helped him financially. Celebrities are so great..they entertain not only with films but with gossips as well,' he says.

Sarath Babu made it clear he hadn't seen Namitha in the past eight years. 'We acted in a Tamil movie long back. I couldn't even remember it's title. I had no clue where she is at present. Upon hearing these rumours, My Friends told Me that I still carry a romantic image. Even I had a hearty laugh. Finally, I wish to clarify that gossip which has been circulated on Friday is someone's creation..there is no truth in it at all,' informs the Veteran Actor.

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