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Mega Hero's London Trip soon after Release

Mega Hero's London Trip soon after Release
A Young Hero from Mega Compound has been trying to walk in a less-travelled path since the beginning of his career. This decision proved costly as none of his films managed to become super hits so far. Back-to-Back failures has only created bad image in Trade Circles.

Upcoming Flick of this Mega Hero is being directed by a Class Filmmaker who mostly makes films in a certain format. Much to everyone's surprise, This Director has been making tall statements like a commercial director. He is publicizing that the new product offers what Mass Audience would love watching.

Focus is more on Female Lead than Mega Hero in this movie. How will Fans receive the feel-good subject is a million dollar question? Even the Mega Hero appears to be clueless about the fate of this project. Soon after release of this movie, He will be leaving for London to shoot his next project which stars a Bubbly Heroine. Would he get the relief from tension he has been going through before this tour?

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