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Megastar Chiru As 'Shashi Kapoor' From Deewa

Maybe today's generation don't really have an idea about Deewar and rniconic scene but 70's generation and the next 80's and 90's had this rnscene playing in the popular spoofs and then growing Cinema channels, rnalso used to play it in a montage of homage to classics.

And rneven parents of 90's kids who used to be Amitabh Bachchan fans, rnencouraged many to watch Sholay, Deewar, Laawaris and Don kinds of rnclassics on TV.

Today's generation have online streaming rnservices and other web portals that run video platforms to just enjoy rnthe scene we are referring to. If you find this article or this rndescription interesting, do give that scene a visit.

Megastar rnChiranjeevi is an ardent fan of ANR, Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan.rn He said it himself in many interviews and he called Amitabh his rninspiration.

For a popular newspaper, he gave an interview with rnhis mother, Anjana Devi and said, "My parents never wanted to live with rnus. They wanted us to build our own nest and my mother, father and rngrandmother used to stay together away from us.

They used to rncall all of us weekly once or twice to meet them in person or we used torn go with some or the other excuse to see them.

Even after my father died, I asked my mother and grandmoyher to stay with me, but they preferred to stay in their house only.

Afterrn my grandmother's death, my mother called me one day and said that she rnis feeling lonely and wants to come and live with me.

I immediately called by brothers and sisters. To each one of them, I told what mother told to me.

I said to them, "You all have Bungalows, cars, Bank Balance but Mere Paas Maa Hein!"

Theyrn laughed out loud and Pawan was in splits for few minutes. I am happy rnthat after so long my mother is staying with me but I always wished evenrn my father accepted to stay with us," concluded Chiranjeevi on an rnemotional note.

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