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Mersal controversy: PK's Friend is the biggest loser!

Mersal controversy: PK's Friend is the biggest loser!
The controversy surrounding 'Mersal' has really helped the film attain record collections in short span as everyone is curious about the satires on Modi's reforms. This Vijay-starrer is likely to collect a gross of over Rs 150 crore with the Tamil version alone.

Producer Sharrath Marar who acquired the theatrical rights of the Telugu Version of 'Mersal' titled as 'Adirindi' is now paying the price due to the controversy. After the BJP Leaders raised objection over the satire on GST, Censor Board in Chennai has deliberately delayed the clearance for the Telugu version. Without the certificate from the Chennai Office, Regional Office in Hyderabad can't allot date for censor screening and offer it's consent for the release.

Already, 'Adirindi' missed the opportunity to cash in on simultaneous Tamil-Telugu release due to Censor delay. Any further delay would have a huge impact on the end result of the Telugu version. Sharrath Marar had spent a bomb for acquiring theatrical rights and publicity. He will incur huge losses for no fault of his if this gets stretched any further.

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