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Metro Telugu Movie Review

Metro Telugu Movie Review
Metro Telugu Movie Review, Metro Review, Metro Movie Review, Metro Telugu Review, Metro Cinema Review, Metro Public Talk

Release date
: March 17, 2017
Starring : Shirish, Bobby Simha, Maya
Director : Ananda Krishnan
Producer : Rajani Ram
Music Director : Joahn
Rating : 2.75/5

Out of the many small budget films that have released this week, Metro is one film which has a very interesting premise of chain snatching. Let’s see whether the film manages to impress us or not.

Story :
Aadi Keshav (Shirish Saravanan) and Madhusudan (Sathya) are the children of middle class parents. Aadi works as  writer in Santosham magazine while Madhusudan is a first year engineering student. Madhusudan gets attracted to the hi fi life style of the Metro, Hyderabad city and aspires to lead a life like his friends who have costly bikes, mobiles etc.

Aadi and Madhusudan celebrate their parents wedding anniversary in a grand manner but tragedy strikes them when their mother was found murdered and gold missing from the house even as numerous chain snatching incidents increases scaring people of the Hyderabad city. To find out the connection between the chain snatching and murder of Aadi, Madhusudan's mother, watch Metro on silver screen.

Plus Points :

One of the biggest plus points of the film is the very interesting concept. The way a small time crime like chain snatching has been made as the backdrop and an emotional family drama has been weaved around it was very nice.

The way chain snatching takes place and how the thieves target the ladies and what happens to the gold that has been robbed, incidents like these have been showcased in a gripping manner.
Bobby Simma is very good in his negative role and brings a lot of depth to the film. The supporting cast does a superb job in the film. Credit should go to the director for choosing some realistic actors who fit the bill perfectly. The climax is quite convincing and has been dealt well.
Minus Points :

Some cinematic liberties have been taken in the film. The chain snatching mafia has been showcased in a free flow as the way cops deal these cases have been totally ignored. Some scenes featuring the chain snatching are overdone during the second half.

The main lead commits some serious crimes and keeps getting away most of the times looks a bit over the top in certain areas. As the film is a dark thriller, there is absolutely no fun factor. Also, the lack of known faces can go against the film a bit.

Technical Aspects :

Production values of the film are very impressive. The gritty areas and bylanes of the city have been showcased with some stunning camera work. Background score by Johan is superb and elevates the proceedings to a decent level. The screenplay is quite gripping and showcases the film in a very decent manner. The Telugu dubbing by Nandu and Dhanraj suit the characters well.
Coming to the director Ananda Krishnan, he has done a pretty decent job with his narration. His strength lies in the way he handles all the characters and extracts performances from them. Even though he goes overboard with the crime in certain areas, he manages to direct the rest of the film in a novel way.

Verdict :

On the whole, Metro has a very interesting plot which is narrated equally well by director Ananda Krishna. The dark thriller has some realistic moments which thrills you for most of the time. If you are the one who likes dark thrillers and does not mind the lack of entertainment, you can easily watch this film this weekend.

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