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Miya George signs her second Telugu film

Miya George signs her second Telugu film
She’s set to play the female lead in director G Karthik Reddy’s film starring Manchu Vishnu as the lead.

Malayalam and Tamil actress Miya George has signed her second Telugu film opposite actor Manchu Vishnu, even before her debut film releases. The actress is making her debut in Telugu alongside Sunil in a film directed by Kranthi Madhav. The film is still in production stage.

The film’s shooting will commence soon after Vishnu completes work on his film, Luckunnodu. G Karthik Reddy, who was supposed to direct Vishnu for the film Sarada, is helming this project. “Sarada got shelved and now Vishnu has given another chance to the director. They are going to start this film with a fresh subject,” shares a source in the know.

Miya George will be playing the female lead. The shoot is likely to begin in the third week of January. An official announcement about the same is awaited.

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