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MLA Turns Romantic With Manali

MLA Turns Romantic With Manali
MLA is getting ready to romance this hot lady  Don't be in a impression that this is a sensational political news.  Nandamuri Kalyan Ram is presently working on a movie titled 'MLA'.  Kajal Aggarwal is the main heroine of this film.  Fimmakers have roped in Manali Rathod as second heroine.

Unit members are saying that the romantic episodes are very hot between Kalyan Ram and Manali Rathod. Manali has recently appeared as a heroine in 'Fashion Designer'.  Kalyan Ram has decent image among the family audience and he has never crossed decenty limits in romance with heroines.  So, this is  going to be a makeover for Kalyan Ram.

Kalyan Ram desperately need a hit as a hero right now because most of his recent films turned out to be flops at the box office. He is pinning all the hopes on 'MLA' now.  On the other hand, Kalyan Ram is producing NTR's upcoming film 'Jai Lava Kusa'.

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