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Monday 19 February, 2018, 6:19 pm

Mohan Babu busy with this 'work', three shifts!

Mohan Babu busy with this 'work', three shifts!
Manchu Mohan Babu is known for his discipline and outspoken nature in general. The actor has always been open about his feelings and a very active social media person among the senior actors.

He recently, became a Grand Father again, inviting Vishnu and Veronica's third child, a baby boy. The happy Grand Father said that he is enjoying every moment with the young toddler.

He said, "When my kids were too young, I was busy working three shifts as the actor and now, I am in a position to enjoy my life. This bundle of joy as been taking all my time and I happy to spend with all three shifts of the day."

On, 1st January. 2018, Vishnu and Veronica, welcomed their third child and before that, Vishnu replied to slew of tweets saying he needs a heir, that he has two heirs already and the next one will be third!

Anyways, fans of the actors are rejoicing that Manchu family has a heir now.

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