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Mohan Babu's Gayatri - Target Chandrababu!

Mohan Babu has done a full-length hero role after several years. 'Gayatri' which released on this Friday drew everyone's attention despite not so positive word-of-mouth. Two reasons behind it - Mohan Babu's Performance & Political Satires.

The role of Gayatri Patel stood as the major attraction in the movie. Political Dialogues on the current political system led to a serious debate now. After the release, It's quite evident that Collection King has targeted the Ruling TDP in Andhra Pradesh.

In a particular scene, Mohan Babu mouths the dialogue: 'Okademo B.Com lo Physics Chadivanantadu. Inkokademo Naa Pension Tesukuntunnav...Naa Road Meeda Nadusthunnav....Naake Vote Veyyalantadu. Inkokademo Sarvabhoumadhikaram Ani Palakaleka....Bow Bow Antadu'.

Needless to specially mention whom did Mohan Babu target here. He even mentioned about the sand mafia and land encroachments in AP. Even a satire was thrown on the cabinet ministers. All these development indicate Mohan Babu's inclination towards YCP and re-entry into active politics in 2019.  

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