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Monday 19 November, 2018, 1:55 pm

My Remuneration Is In Crores, Not Lakhs

My Remuneration Is In Crores, Not Lakhs
These are the days where heroes and heroines are very carefully hiding their remuneration details while some production related folks are leaking them. And now a young Telugu hero is at loggerheads with Telugu media folks when it comes to his pay packets.

Other day a gossip has come out that this young hero is getting paid only in lakhs despite of having some continuous hits in his kitty. The moment this news came out, the young hero got offended big time and took his phone to call out many media folks. So, what did he convey?

He reportedly told, "Forget about if my films are hits or not, but my remuneration is in crores, not lakhs". Not even a single crore, but he's said to be taking home couple of crores for each of his films. Generally, when they are taking crores, they say they are charging only lakhs. But this is sounding in a reverse as the hero got upset that low-remuneration talk will dent his image.

One has to feel sad that heroes talk about remunerations only to make sure that their image sounds pretty high. Maybe they should shift this focus to their story selection and entertaining audiences.

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