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Thursday 18 October, 2018, 3:18 am

Nabha Natesh bags a film with Ravi Teja

Nabha Natesh bags a film with Ravi Teja
Kannada actress Nabha Natesh made her Telugu debut with the recently-released Nannu Dochukunduvate, and her performance opposite Sudheer Babu has been receiving rave reviews. Rumour has that that she’s even landed her next big project — a film starring Ravi Teja.

Apparently, Ravi Teja has joined hands with director Vi Anand to work on a project produced by Ram Talluri, and it’s believed that the makers have decided to rope in Nabha Natesh as the female lead in the action entertainer.

The actress was supposed to have made her Telugu debut with Adhugo, a film about a piglet, but the need for extensive graphics work has delayed that project. Meanwhile, Nannu Dochukunduvate has come out, and it seems to have worked in her favour!

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