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Naga Chaitanya Is Ready With Plan B

Naga Chaitanya Is Ready With Plan B
Akkineni Naga Chaitanya's upcoming film 'Rarandoy Veduka Chuddam' is getting ready for release.  Even though there were some rumours in the media that the film got postponed to June 2, Nagarjuna has put a check to those rumours.  There is positive buzz surrounding RVC and the trailer also impressed the audience.

Chiaitu is presently busy with the promotions of RVC.  When he was asked asked about future plans in a recent interview, Chaitu said that "I'm scared to think that where would I be without the my films, the affection from the fans.  I have learned a lot from my recent films.  It's my luck to be born in Akkineni family.. but I didn't depend on that.  I believed in my hardwork.  If my film career don't go as planned, I will focus on my favourite restaurant business or automobile business".

So, Chaitu is ready with Plan B, even though he is busy with several projects.   Apart from RVC, Chaitu is doing a romantic love story in the direction of Krishna.  Chaitu is said to be planning to do an action film for next project. 

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