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Naga Chaitanya Pledges To Save Producers

Naga Chaitanya Pledges To Save Producers
Have a look at the flop films at Telugu box office in the recent times and immediately you can figure out one thing. It's the remunerations that is bending the back of producer but not the actual production cost.

In a film that's made with 50+ crores budget, often 25 crores is catering to remunerations only. Even a two-crore budgeted small film is catering around 50-70 lakhs to remunerations as they have to pick some talented character artists. This is no wrong, but actually, with remunerations becoming huge chunk, any slight loss is making producers not being able to make another film soon. Otherwise, if films are made at half the budgets what are being put now, producers could sell them easily, get profits and share to key actors. That way they could make more films too.

Talking about the same, Naga Chaitanya hinted that Telugu heroes especially should work in Bollywood formula. "From a long time, Bollywood heroes are taking a share in profits rather taking huge fee in advance. Even Telugu heroes should do the same to save the producers. I'm ready to work on those lines" said Chaitanya, indicating that the future of Tollywood payment mechanism will change for sure. Already the likes of Pawan Kalyan, Mahesh Babu, Allu Arjun and Jr NTR have started this profit-sharing exercise if our sources are to be believed.

"Being son a producer, as his father runs very own Annapurna Studios, Naga Chaitanya could understand all the financial logics easily. But other heroes don't budge and they take part in shooting only with full payment paid" commented a senior most film industry person.

Hope other star heroes do understand the situation of producers and start this profit-sharing thing.

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