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Nagababu Vs Posani Coming Up!!

Nagababu Vs Posani Coming Up!!
Of course, earlier comedian Posani Krishnamurali sailed with Prajarajyam boat and lost big time in elections after contesting as MLA candidate. But he's not getting ready to clash with mega brother on that political note, here is something very interesting happening.

If there is any program that brought huge fame and money to Nagababu in the recent times, definitely that is comedy show Jabardasth. As a judge of the show, Nagababu enjoys that unique respect and also shared his style of philosophy whenever he speaks. Till date, many other TV channels tried to mimic this particular comedy show but failed. But now, there comes a competitor.

Taking up senior contestants of Jabardasth like Dhanraj, Venu and Raghu, Star MAA is now coming up with a program named "Desamudurlu". This is another Jabardasth kind of stage comedy which in turn is copied from the likes of Comedy Central and Kapil Sharma's other shows. On this show, Posani is making his debut as a judge and he's likely to tease the contestants and audiences with his comic satires.

For being a writer and an actor as well, surely Posani will dominate the show easily and that's being seen as major competition to Nagababu's small screen presence now. If this program is a direct competition to Jabardasth, then Posani is direct competition to Nagababu as well.

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