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Sunday 18 November, 2018, 9:02 pm

Nagarjuna Speech U Turn Pre Release Event

Nagarjuna Speech U Turn Pre Release Event
Nagarjuna at the U-Turn pre-release event held on a small scale at a small scale on 12th September at Hyderabad, said that he is confused whose film to watch first, Son Naga Chaitanya's Shailaja Reddy Alludu or Daughter-in-law Samantha's U-Turn..

He further said, "I asked Samantha while coming if she wants to create a World record or Guinness Record by releasing three films on one day."

U-Turn is releasing in Tamil and Telugu making it equal to two films as they made a bilingual and she also has Seema Raja releasing in Tamil on 13th September.

He said, "I know Pawan Kumar, the director of U-Turn before Samantha as I liked Lucia and I think it is the first crowd funded movie.

I am glad he is doing a Telugu movie and that too with my family member and I hope he has a story for me too.

I will watch both the films and will wish both my children very best and all the success. I hope U-Turn will start a trend for socially aware movies with strong female characters," concluded Nagarjuna.

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