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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 9:47 pm

Nani Seeks Apology from Audience

Nani Seeks Apology from Audience
Natural star Nani's latest release 'Ninnu Kori' is reportedly progressing towards becoming another success for the actor. Besides conveying his heartfelt gratitude, Nani has also sought apology from audiences. Why is that so?

In a recent interview, Nani has divulged that Ninnu Kori's director, Shiva Nirvana had narrated this subject to him some three years ago. Feeling that Telugu audiences may not accept the concept of 'heroine marrying a guy other than hero', Nani was skeptical of doing the film then. He finally decided to do it as he got connected with the emotional quotient.

Even while doing the film, Nani was worried about how this classy film will be received in B,C centres. He thought that the film may work in only A centres. 'Audience of B,C centres proved me wrong with their universal reception of Ninnu Kori. I seek an apology for doubting them,' said Nani in an interview.

Going by early trade reports, 'Ninnu Kori' has raked in good collections over the first weekend. We will post the break up of share very soon.

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