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Nani Shifts From Quantity To Quality!

Nani Shifts From Quantity To Quality!
Nani is said to be worrying about the quality of his movies. Although he delivered three hits out of four movies in the last 12 months, he has now decided to slow down a bit.

All his recent movies were good to decent movies; the production quality of "Majnu" was not decent. It earned him some criticism. He has beaten all other heroes of Tollywood in quantity but now he wants to focus on quality too.

After the release of Dil Raju's production "Nenu Local", he will be releasing only two movies in a year. This year he will be have four releases with "Nenu Local".

Since he is going to work with new director for his next movie which will be produced by Danayya and Kona Venkat together, he has given six months time to wrap it so that it can be made with more rich production values.

He doesn't want to just star in concept movies. He wants to grow further and rise as a star.

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