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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 12:08 pm

Nani, Vikram Kumar to team up?

Nani, Vikram Kumar to team up?
It looks like Nani is leaving no stone unturned to keep his career graph moving upwards. While, with back to back hits for nearly two years, his career has been on a steady upswing, the latest is that the actor is likely to work on a film with Manam director Vikram Kumar.

A source reveals, “While both of them are busy with other projects, they recently met and discussed the possibility of collaboration. Nothing is concrete yet but they will soon have elaborate discussions about the possibilities.”

While there’s no clarity about the nature of the film they’ll do together, buzz is that they discussed a couple of story lines and what kind of films they should work on. Some-thing concrete should emerge soon.

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