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Nara Rohit becomes the most revered 'Cook'!

Nara Rohit becomes the most revered 'Cook'!
In the young heroes of Telugu Cinema, Nara Rohit is revered as one of the best cooks. He has been revered by the Industry insiders for his cooking talent and evening common audience have got a good idea about this. many photos from the sets have been released by the different units and we have witnessed Rohit seriously cooking for entire unit. The actor is said to be taking it seriously and he brings a great taste to the food as per the people who tasted his dishes.

Even in the shooting gap of his latest movie, Shamanthakamani, Nara Rohit cooked food for entire unit. Everyone revered him again but we got the doubt how come the actor from a reputed family and great financial background, really started cooking. Well, the actor gave answers to the questions.

Nara Rohit said, " I used to live with my brother in bachelor pad in Chennai before joining Film Industry. I started cooking for time pass as a hobby. So that became a habit whenever I want to relive myself of stress. Cooking is a great stress buster for me and I enjoy doing it as well. When I am doing Savitri, first time I cooked biriyani for whole unit and from then it caught up. Now, many unit members ask me to cook at least once and I do it to please them. Recently, I cooked Biriyani while shooting for Pawan Mallela and invited the Shamanthakamani unit who were near by to taste. They complimented me. Recently, during Veera Bhoga Vasantharayalu, shoot Shriya asked for home cooked food and Sudheer turned towards me. I won't cook when I am in the city and only try it when in Outdoor shooting." 

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