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Nara Rohit, Regina's film titled 'Shankara'

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Nara Rohith, who has got a good recognition as a hero with the films like 'Baanam' and 'Solo', has been acting in a film which is titled as 'Shankara'. The title is confirmed and the first look has been released. Regina Cassandra is the lead actress in this film.

'Bheemili Kabaddi Jattu' and 'SMS' fame Thathineni Satya Prakash is the director of this film. R.V.Chandramouli Prasad (Kinnu) is producing this movie under Sri Leela Movies banner and famous producer K.S.Ramarao is presenting it.

The director said, " This is an action and romantic entertainer with very a good subject. The shooting of talkie part of the film has been completed with the recent schedule. Nara Rohith and Regina have done outstanding jobs for this film and John Vijay is being introduced as the villain . This is a challenging subject for me as a director and we are confident that it becomes the biggest hit in the career of Rohith".

The producer said that they will start the shooting of the songs on May 22nd and they are planning to release the movie at the end of June, releasing the audio in June first week.

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