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Navdeep and Nandu Responds on Drugs Case

Navdeep and Nandu Responds on Drugs Case
In the wake of their names coming out in the latest drug scandal that is shaking Tollywood, young heroes Navdeep and Nandu have responded.

Speaking to a TV channel via phone, Navdeep confessed to have receiving notices from the Excise officials but he denied having any sort of links with the drug mafia which was recently nabbed.

Explaining further, Navdeep said, 'As part of our event management activities, I have recently collaborated with a firm that was later found to have connections with illegal people. As I have interacted with this firm, authorities may have thought I am too involved in this. It is a general notice asking me to come for questioning, and i am sure that my name will be cleared once I answer their questions. In the meanwhile, please don't sensationalize my name in connection with drugs'.

Reports are coming that a pub, in which Navdeep allegedly has a major stake, is the hub of drug trade in the city, and that he frequently arranges booze-filled parties to Tollywood celebs. The actor however denied all this.

On the other hand, Nandu denied having received any Notice. He further said that he was ready for blood test on any platform and that he would even voluntarily offer his call and Whatsapp records to police to check if he had ever contacted the drug peddlers.

'In the past, the director of one of my films was arrested in drugs case, and then also my name cropped up. The authorities however cleared my name then after an inquiry. I am sure that my name has surfaced this time because of that incident. I want to make it clear that I have neither used drugs nor received any notice. I have come from a decent Brahmin family and I am ready for blood test to prove my innocence,' he reiterated.

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