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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 4:23 pm

Neha Dhupia Opens On Sexual Abuse

Neha Dhupia Opens On Sexual Abuse
Whatever the industry may be, the sexual harassment on women has become a common issue. But now, the actresses are responding and opening up about their experiences. They are gaining the courage to file a complaint against them. Bollywood beauty Neha Dhupia also rose her voice against sexual harassment.

Though they are not particularly sexual harassment cases, she claimed that she faced some problems because of the male dominated society. She felt sad that she didn't have that courage to react against them strongly then. She added that in order to grow in terms of career and keep focus on her goals, she stayed quiet but things have completely changed now.

She stated that beauty increases self-confidence and it depends on the beholder's eyes whether they find it vulgar or glamourous. When both 6-year-old girl and 60-year-old are facing sexual abuse, we can't claim that they happen because of the dress women wear. Neha Dhupia even added that she support the programs which empower the women to speak up.

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