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Wednesday 18 July, 2018, 11:48 pm

New 'Kaththi' Girls in Bigg Boss!

New 'Kaththi' Girls in Bigg Boss!
Bigg Boss in Telugu is a roaring success. Thanks to NTR's charisma and absolutely marvelous anchoring, the show has become quite popular among the public and the channel’s Television rating points have hit the roof.

Star Maa is jubilant with the success of the show as it has now become number one channel. But public are not entirely satisfied. They are demanding more glamour to the show as the current participants are dull and lack star appeal.

To add some spice, Star Maa has brought in actress Diksha Panth through wild card entry. She is glamorous girl but isn’t a popular figure.

The channel is now said to be scouting popular glamorous celebrities to send them into Bigg Boss house after couple of weeks through wild card entry door.

Even the audiences are sending mails and writing tweets to the channel to add attractive faces.

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