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Thursday 15 November, 2018, 9:23 pm

Nidhhi Agerwal This Photo Looks Like That Scene From Titanic

Nidhhi Agerwal This Photo Looks Like That Scene From Titanic

Most popular movie from Hollywood ever in 25 years, should be Titanic. The movie became a memory for lovers and even today's generation watches it many times due to the unconditional love portrayed in the film between the leads.

Now, from the movie, in an iconic naughty scene, we see Rose, acted by Kate Winslet showing off her assets to Jack, acted by Leonardo DiCaprio after knowing that he is a sketch artist.

She gives him a dollar to draw her in the most sexiest pose possible and keeps it as a loving memory of theirs.

Now, every actress comes up with sultry, hot or glamorously naughtily captured images regularly.

So, if they are like Rose, they all need Jack(s), who can capture the beauty well on a photo paper for us to to admire.

Even though they might just be professionals working on job, for onlookers it does feel like a hot session of passionate artists with their respective tools.

Looking at Niddhi Agerwal and her photographer concentrating so hard, doesn't it feel like that scene from Titanic?

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