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Niharika Said 'Yes' To Her Relative?

Niharika Said 'Yes' To Her Relative?
After mulling over many scripts post her disastrous debut 'Oka Manasu', actress Niharika Konidela wanted to take it very slow when it comes to her movies. And finally she said "yes" to somebody and there is a buzz that she agreed to this film just because the director is her relative.

A newcomer named Ravi Durga Prasad finally made Niharika agree for her second film in Telugu, while she's foraying into Tamil as well this year with a film opposite Vijay Sethupathi. Film Nagar sources revealed that Durga Prasad is a distant relative of Chiranjeevi's family through their other cousin Meher Ramesh and hence got a chance to work with Niharika. Is that true?

Responding to the reports, Niharika said, "Yes, Durga Prasad is our relative. But more than that it's the compelling script he has narrated that excited me. Only after liking the script I've given nod for the film. Also, he has experience in films as he worked with Meher Ramesh on a number of films".

Tipped to be a romantic comedy that revolves around four characters, this is a romantic comedy with Niharika playing the pivotal role. Though mega family and mega relations help big time, Niharika says, a good script and the way her heart responds to them is what drives her to sign a film.

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