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Thursday 20 September, 2018, 7:08 pm

Nikhil's Heroine Looks Hot In Bikini

Nikhil's Heroine Looks Hot In Bikini
The heroines in the Telugu film industry always come up with one or the other stunt to attract the filmmakers. Every time when a heroine feels that she is not getting the right offers, she attends a photoshoot and poses hot for the camera. Some heroines go on a holiday and reveal their glam assets by the beach side and post the same on social media.

The Bikini outfit is one special outfit which has got a lot of craze in the film industry. Whenever the heroines sport a bikini, there is always a special attraction that the film achieves.

Now the latest talk in the film industry is regarding the heroine Tridha Choudhury who was seen in Nikhil's Surya v/s Surya. She has sported a bikini outfit recently in her foreign trip and posted the picture on Instagram. She is sporting this outfit with the caption "Hot sauce" and she really looks hot in this outfit.

The Bengali beauty has not been seen in any other film after her first one. Her next one is with Sandeep Kishan in the direction of Manjula Ghattamaneni.

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