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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 7:05 am

Nikhil's 'Mudra' Title In Trouble

Nikhil's 'Mudra' Title In Trouble
Nikhil and Lavanya Tripathi's Mudra is now said to be facing title woes. Apparently, the film's makers had chosen Mudra as the title. However, due to some confusion, the film's makers haven't registered the title at the Film Chamber. This led to a chance to another producer who had readily registered the title Mudra on his banner. This is seen a shock to the Mudra team who has been shooting the film under the working title Mudra.

Considering that the film's makers have now no option as the title Mudra is already registered by another producer who isn't willing to give the title, they're now planning to have a new title. And the film's unit is welcoming new title as most of them hadn't liked Mudra before.

Touted to be the Telugu remake of Tamil film Kanithan, the film features Nikhil as an investigative journalist and Lavanya as his love interest. As the film is deferred, the makers have got time to find new title for the film. Let's see if the team will find a new impressive title or they will go ahead with Mudra title adding 'Nikhil' to it as prefix, just like Kalyan Ram Kathi and Mahesh Khaleja.

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