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Saturday 17 November, 2018, 9:48 pm

Nikhil should solve this 4,500-year-old mystery

Nikhil should solve this 4,500-year-old mystery
Keshava is a brilliant movie which got released and impressed the audience even if Baahubali was still in theatres. Nikhil bagged a decent hit with this film. Director Sudheer Varma became successful in filming a typical revenge story interestingly. With the inspiration given by this movie, Nikhil signed the remake of Kannada movie Kiraak Party.

There are so many rumors circling the industry that Nikhil is getting engaged in few weeks. But the actor hasn't reacted to this news yet. But recently he uploaded some pictures from his foreign tour in social media. He also visited the prehistoric monument, and one of the world wonders Stonehenge. Out of all the mysterious places in the world, Stonehenge is also one. The set of stones is laid out in concentric rings and horseshoe shapes nearly 4,500 years ago. The mystery behind the construction is still unsolved.

Experimental hero Nikhil always tries to find out the unsolved in his movies like Karthikeya, Ekadiki Potavu Chinnavada, etc. So as soon as he uploaded the picture of Stonehenge, his fans asked him to solve that mystery too. So fans are expecting that Nikhil should find out the mystery regarding the European monument Stonehenge and do a movie on it.

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