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Nikhil, Swathi film Karthikeya launched

Nikhil and Swathi had recently scored a hit with Swamy Ra Ra and the duo is back for yet another film which has been titled KarthikeyaThe first look and the title have been announced today along with formal launch of the film. Nikhil plays the title role and he informs that it’s apt for the script.

Nikhil tweeted, “My New Movie has been Titled "KARTHIKEYA" it is my 10th Movie.. Entered Double Digits... Hope it keeps up the expectations set by SwamyRaRa. The Title of the movie KARTHIKEYA is apt for the script... After watching the movie u will all understand why.”

Karthikeya is being directed by Chandu Mondeti and produced by Venkata Srinivas Boggaram on Magnus Cine Prime banner in Shiruvuri Rajesh Varma presentation.

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