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No Discount Despite Of Decreased Offers

No Discount Despite Of Decreased Offers
Increasing remuneration when demand is high and reducing it when demand is low.. this is a common thing in the film industry.  Usually heroines follow this trend more than heroes as their career span will be less.  

But three heroines are saying that they will not decrease their remuneration whether they have films or not.  Tollywood Sweety Anushka has only one film in her kitty.. 'Bhagmati'.  As she put on excess weight recently, there is no hope that she will get glamorous characters in the future.  But she is demanding the same amount she used to charge earlier.  Even Kajal Aggarwal is doing the same.  Even though she has increased speed after 'Khaidi No.150', she is doing only one film.. 'Nene Raju Nene Mantri'.  But she is demanding the same remuneration.

Milky Beauty Tamannah said to be doing the same.  She usually charges Rs. 1 crore for a movie, Rs. 50 lakhs for a special song.  Even though she couldn't grab the credit of 'Baahubali 2', she is demanding high remuneration.  Some insiders say that, new heroines with a single hit film are demanding one crore for a film.   If the seniors reduce their remuneration in such a situation, it will be embarassing for them.  So, they are not reducing their remunerations.

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