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Wednesday 14 November, 2018, 1:23 pm

No Kissing Scenes please: Sai Pallavi

No Kissing Scenes please: Sai Pallavi
Malayalam beauty Sai Pallavi is already a star actress in Tollywood with after she is one film old. Her first Tollywood outing Fidaa turned out to be a huge blockbuster and Sai Pallavi's performance received standing ovation across the Telugu states.

The actress is currently blown away with offers however she shocked everyone that she is not okay with kissing episodes on screen. While speaking to a leading daily she revealed "It was because of my parents, I am here. I just want to make them comfortable when they watch my films. I am strongly against kissing scenes and skin show. I have to be responsible when they gave me the freedom to pursue my dreams".

Currently she is shooting for Nani's MCA which is gearing up for December release. Sai Pallavi is currently pursuing her medicine and the actress revealed that she will continue to do films till she gets interesting offers.

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