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No Remuneration for Sreenu Vaitla?

No Remuneration for Sreenu Vaitla?
Sreenu Vaitla might have delivered several successful films including then industry hit Dookudu. He might had been considered one among the top 5 directors in Tollywood once. But that phase is passe.

Just two flops - Agadu, Bruce Lee - changed his fate in the industry. Now he is put under litmus test to prove himself again.

Apparently, Sreenu Vaitla isn't charging any remuneration for his ongoing film Mister with Varun Tej. As per the sources, Sreenu entered into an understanding with the producers that he would take his cut after the film makes its breakeven i.e when in profits.

Vaitla is not in form now. Varun Tej's Kanche too was a moderate success due to its high-budget. Keeping all these in mind, Sreenu is said to be wrapping up the film in limited budget.

Though the film is shot in and around Spain, Sreenu said to have made the film in decent budget.

While a few rumours started circulating that the film's budget is Rs 30 Crore, insiders have denied having such high-budget.

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