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No Truth In NTR Rumours!

No Truth In NTR Rumours!
Jr. NTR is said to have appointed a famous trainer to bring his body into a shape different from his Jai Lava Kusa look. The actor is also said to have put on some weight to play Jai's character in the movie.

As he has more than 4 months gap between the films, many thought he is looking to change his look. Also, his trainer shared a photo off him helping the trainer to learn out to fly the kites on Sankranthi festival.

The actor today came out to give his respects to his grandfather, NTR, on the legend's death anniversary and Tarak looked similar to his Jai Lava Kusa and he did not change much. Even the rumours that he underwent a liposuction surgery are turned out to be false.

Well, the actor did start working out again and so, he invited the trainer to help him in the sessions and there is nothing special to it. Trivikram Srinivas's film will start in February as per the sources and the actor is all geared up to start the production.  

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