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Nobody will marry Sai Pallavi!

Nobody will marry Sai Pallavi!
Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi starrer, FIDAA is ready for release this Friday and the main unit have started promoting the film. Shekar Kammula directed the movie and Dil Raju produced the film. The movie needs to be a hit for many in the cast and crew.

Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi and Dil Raju are promoting the movie everywhere. They are sharing lots of interesting things about the movie as well. In one of the interviews, Dil Raju said no body will marry a girl like Sai Pallavi. Actually, Sai Pallavi said that she likes Varun Tej character more as he is very balanced and her character will be more rebellious. Immediately, Dil Raju no body would marry such a harsh girl who is too rebellious and straight forward.

In the movie, Sai Pallavi is playing the role of Bhanumathi. Dil Raju explained that in every love story a character will be highly balanced that will show emotions and in this he said, Varun Tej is playing such role and Sai Pallavi's role will be straight forward without any change in the emotional graph he said!

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