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Not acting, but this was Shraddha Kapoor’s first job

Not acting, but this was Shraddha Kapoor’s first job
The cute and petite actress Shraddha Kapoor is a renowned name in the film industry, with several movies to her credits, but it would be very difficult for one to guess what the actress' first job was.

A fact that is not known to many people is that Shraddha Kapoor first worked at a coffee shop of a popular chain in Boston.

The 'Half Girlfriend' actress was studying in Boston when she decided to do this part-time job along with her college, just to experience the independence and earn some extra pocket money during college days.

Shraddha, on the work front, has been busy with her forthcoming projects. She will be seen in the biopic of Haseena Parkar followed by badminton player Saina Nehwal's biopic.

The actress is the only one amongst her contemporaries to have two biopics. She is currently preparing for her Saina Nehwal flick.

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