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Not Only 'Brahmotsavam' - Many Doing Same

Not Only 'Brahmotsavam' - Many Doing Same
It is known news that three cameraman from 'Brahmotsavam' team were caught taping the sacred Tirumala Brahmotsavam without taking prior permission from authorities. While some are raising their eyebrows over this, it does not come as a big surprise.

Usually, many film units do the same thing and they have a valid reason behind that. Firstly, they might not get the permission when they approach. Secondly, the concerned officials will say yes but will make the unit members run around for days together.

On the other hand, the unit will have pressure to get the footage done quickly because filmmaking runs on precise planning. So, they take that risk. Usually big movies tend to take that decision when it comes to shooting in airport. If they get caught they will deal with it. Even small budget moviemakers also do the same at railway stations using 5D cameras.

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