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Not Only Sam, Cherry Has Done The Same

Not Only Sam, Cherry Has Done The Same
Will they convey best wishes to only near and dear in the film industry?  Yes.. we have to say that the stars are doing the same thing. They are conveying wishes to their friends and ignoring others.  'Rangasthalam 1985' lead actors did the same thing.  We can understand their affection towards their close friends but don't they wish others?

Samantha has tweeted recently that 'All the best to my Super Star brother'.  Surprisingly, her 'A Aa' hero Nithiin's film 'LIE' is also hitting the screens. Bellamkonda Srinivas film 'Jaya Janaki Nayaka' is also releasing.  Samantha is the heroine in Bellamkonda Srinivas' debut film 'Alludu Seenu'.  But she has not uttered a single word about those two films.  She has talked about Rana film because he is going to be a relative to her after her marriage with Naga Chaitanya and Suresh Babu will become her uncle.  

Rana's best friend Ram Charan also joined this batch now.  He has conveyed his best wishes to Rana, Suresh uncle, Kajal & Navadeep.   He has mentioned the name of Teja as well.  He has wished NRNM team but he has not uttered a single word about two other films which are in the race.   We can't say that it's a wrong thing not to mention about those films.. but it is a  courtesy. How come a big range stars convey their wishes to only a few?

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