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NTR and Charlie Chaplin made me what I am today: Rajendra Prasad!

NTR and Charlie Chaplin made me what I am today: Rajendra Prasad!
If anybody in Telugu household wants to have a good laugh for more than two to three hours, all they have to do is plug in a Rajendra Prasad film and there you go, you are guaranteed to enjoy the next 2 hours non-stop and also forget all the worries. Such is the impact of Rajendra Prasad in Telugu Cinema. He started out his career on this very day, that is, 5th September in 1977, 40 years ago. As he completed four decades in the Industry Rajendra Prasad interacted with press and shared many things about his journey as an actor.

"My brother used to work as Drug Control Officer and he always encouraged me to become an actor. After thinking much about it, I joined the Film Institute and got a gold medal. I met NTR with that gold medal and his words made me think. He said, I'm here to do Mythological characters, ANR is doing social roles, Krishna action movies and Sobhan Babu romantic movies, what will you do as an actor during this time? That made me think more about myself," shared the actor.

He continued, " I then went with my students and colleagues from the Institute to a film and I saw Charlie Chaplin for the first time. I got an idea there, why can't Comedy become hero of the subject? Charlie Chaplin is known as the best actor in the world and I can't see him just being a comedian. Why should comedy be sidelined and why can't hero do comedy? That's made me become a specialist in doing comedy on screen. I met Bapu garu with one of my friends and he gave me a chance in his movie, Sneham, in 1977 and thus began my journey. I attribute all the success to not just Charlie Chaplin but to the directors like Jandhyala, Relangi Nageswara Rao, EVV Satyanarayana, SV Krishna Reddy. If they did not create characters so lively then I would not have been in front of you like this. I have specially thank Vamsi for making a lead with films like Preminchu Pelladu and Ladies Tailor!"  We congratulate the actor and wish him many more successes!

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