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NTR In Lord Krishna Getup In Flight!

NTR In Lord Krishna Getup In Flight!
Director KS Ravi Kumar who has made a blockbuster like 'Narasimha' with Rajinikanth, is getting ready to direct Balakrishna's next film.  He has recently attended the trailer launch event of 'Gautami Putra Satakarni' Tamil version.   He said that he was surprised to know that GPSK was completed in just 79 days.  He said that punctuality is so important to achieve this kind of feat..and Balakrishna learned such things from his father.

He said that "Nagesh used to tell me about NTR garu.  Nagesh used to be busy with Telugu-Tamil flms then. One day, Nagesh had to reach Hyderabad for shooting NTR film and he had to catch early morning flight.  But he went to the airport late.. and caught up the next flight.  When he boarded the flight he was surprised to see NTR in Lord Krishna getup. Nagesh asked him why he is in that getup. NTR asnwered - By the time we reach shooting spot in Hyderabad shooting will be delayed by 2 hours. I got ready with the make-up to avoid for further delay and start the shoot on time".

KS Ravi Kumar spoken about Krish also. He said that "I wanted to make 'Rana' with Rajinikanth.. and planned 276 days of shoot.. but the project didn't materialize.  When I watched 'Gautami Putra Satakarni', I felt that I should learn so much from Krish".

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