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Wednesday 26 September, 2018, 9:19 am

NTR Is Emotional, Prabhas Is Stubborn, Mahesh No Fake

NTR Is Emotional, Prabhas Is Stubborn, Mahesh No Fake
Prabhas Sreenu has a certain reputation as a comedian in our Telugu Films and also for his friendship with a star hero like Prabhas. He has been Prabhas” friend right from the beginning of his career and now Prabhas Sreenu is also one of the crucial persons in UV Creations.

Speaking about his friendship with Prabhas, the comedian says that the connection between them is due to work. He narrated anecdotes about Prabhas, his darling nature and how he is also stubborn when it comes to maintaining his friendship.

When talking about NTR, he says that the Nandamuri hero is emotional and very friendly. He is totally energetic and never shows any difference between his co-stars. By the way, NTR is a terrific cook and likes to savour different cuisine. Coming to Mahesh Babu, Prabhas Sreenu says the Tollywood Prince is no fake. He is jovial with a loads of sense of humour.

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