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Wednesday 21 November, 2018, 8:44 pm

NTR's Aravinda Sametha Movie Teaser Poster

NTR's Aravinda Sametha Movie Teaser Poster

Trivikram Srinivas might have failed in giving a huge film with Pawan Kalyan for Sankranthi but as a maker he is always highly creative and knows how to deliver a good promotional material to create hype and improve buzz prior to release.

With Jr. NTR his first collaboration, Aravinda Sametha Veera Raghava is getting ready for October release on Dussehra.

The movie team created a huge buzz among the fans with two different looks of NTR from the film. Now, the teaser poster is creating even more hype for the film.

Teaser is releasing on 15th August at 9:00 AM and stating this a poster in which shadow of NTR is highlighted on the chair sitting like a King is released.

As per the close sources from the crew, in the movie, Jr. NTR remains the shadows to achieve his goal it seems.

A movie completely based on Rayalseema faction is a first for Trivikram and after long time NTR is trying such backdrop.

The movie crew also said that Trivikram is back to action genre that he masterly presented in Athadu and the sequences involving NTR showing his six pack will be huge highlight of the film, it seems.  

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