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NTR To Play Abhimanyu In A Historic Film, Guess The Director

NTR To Play Abhimanyu In A Historic Film, Guess The Director
Gunasekhar, who introduced NTR to films as a child artist with his Bala Ramayanam, is now moving pawns to cast him in a historic film. If things fall in place, NTR will be essaying the role of Abhimanyu from Mahabharata, in Gunasekhar's upcoming project.  

According to the sources, Gunasekhar recently registered the title Veerabhimanyu at the council and is in plans to make a film on the lines of Abhimanyu's valour in Mahabharatha. Going by the reports, the director wants to cast NTR for the lead role, since only he would do the justice for the kind of diction and command over language, the character demands.

In fact, Gunasekhar and NTR were supposed to work for Rudramadevi but things did not fall in place and Allu Arjun took up the role of Gona Ganna Reddy, which was originally tailor made for NTR.

Though Rudramadevi did not attain unanimous success, it fetched good revenues at the box office and has earned a great appreciation for the director. With the confidence the film has given, Guna is now wanting to scale up his skill in making historic films, by choosing to make two more big budgeted historic dramas.  

Besides Rudramadevi sequel, Prataparudra, Gunasekhar is trying to take Veerabhimanyu on to the sets. He might meet NTR for a story narration in few days and the final call will be taken by the star. Keep glued to this space for further interesting updates on the project.

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