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Tuesday 23 October, 2018, 12:05 pm

Oh My God!! Kareena Kapoor In Two Piece

Oh My God!! Kareena Kapoor In Two Piece
Generally, married heroines don’t tend to go overboard when it comes to liberal skin show. But seductress Kareena Kapoor Khan is breaking all the rules to the moon and back, that she entices this country’s youths like never before.

Like we said it already, this hot Begum has posed in a bikini for the latest edition of Vogue India’s January edition. What is so stunning about this photo shoot is, she has even slipped into a two-piece treat, giving an ample view of her newly toned curves.

While men are feeling envy with these ravishing looks of Kareena, women are feeling jealous as they can’t understand how she lost oodles of weight post childbirth. Wearing a sequinned two-piece and flashing her sexy tummy in style, no doubt Kareena is making heartbeats skip.

Forget about the kind of projects that are in Kareena’s hand till date, but this spicy photo shoot will surely make big heroes run for her again. We can’t agree more!!

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