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Paisa Vasool: Cinema Flop, Show Superhit

Paisa Vasool: Cinema Flop, Show Superhit
Balakrishna and Puri Jagannadh's Paisa Vasool might end as a disaster as the film's buyers are expected to lose half of their money, but their TV show turned out to be super hit.

Surprisingly, Balayya and Puri's appearance in the show No.1 Yaari has got very good rating. As per the data, the show earned a TRP of 11.99. This is indeed a fabulous response.

The interesting promos featuring Balayya's dance moves and his hugs to Rana said to have struck an instant chord with the viewers pulling the viewers to watch the show.

Balayya rarely comes on TV and his interaction with Rana seems to have worked out very well on the Telly. On the whole, the organisers of the show are laughing all the way to the bank with its super success. All thanks to Balayya!

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