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Pamela Anderson is unrecognisable as she bares bo*bs in new film

Pamela Anderson is unrecognisable as she bares bo*bs in new film
PAMELA Anderson is barely recognisable as she goes topless for a new film.

The former Baywatch babe, 48, still has an incredible figure, but with the help of the make-up department, was made to look world-weary in short film Connected.

Director Luke Gilford's film tells the story of an ageing fitness instructor struggling to come to terms with her appearance in a world dominated by technology and social media.

Narrated by Jane Fonda, 78, Anderson's character Jackie suffers a mid-life crisis and heads off to a creepy retreat which promises to enhance her mind, body and soul.

In one scene, she stands in front of a mirror in her underwear and sweater inspecting her appearance.

She smears the make-up from her face and grimly studies her body, first grabbing her bum, before turning to the mirror, lifting her top and grabbing her breasts.

Moving into serious film roles is something Anderson is keen to do.

She said: "I do feel like this is chapter two. I have no regrets about chapter one, but this is definitely a different time for me."

She added: "It's almost like I don't know if I was playing a character up to this point. There was this perception of me that was almost like a cartoon character.

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