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Pandiya Nadu Movie Public Talk

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Vishal and lakshmi Menon’s Pandiya Nadu directed by Suseenthiran has a warm welcome from Tamil movie lovers also in Andhra Pradesh. Vishal’s Pandiya Nadu released this Diwali with positive to good reviews this morning Nov 2.

Vishal sheds his action hero image for Suseenthiran’s Paandianadu and the star looks cool as a middle class guy. Hoping to bag success with his maiden production venture Pandiyanadu, Vishal seems to have well performed stars alongside namely Lakshmi Menon, Vikranth and Soori.

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Vishal Film Factory producing Pandiya Nadu with music by phenomenal composer D. Imman had huge openings for Vishal this festive season with 250+ screens in tamil nadu and 275+ screens for its dubbing Telugu version Palnadu in Andhra Pradesh.

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